Exterior Archviz

This is my first exterior visualization I think it turned out quiet nice but if you see something that could be improved please let me know :slight_smile:


Of technical aspects, I found nothing to say, it’s very good !

As composition, I maybe found a few things :

1 : Why those 3 plants who seems to not belong here ?
2 : Why leaves if there isn’t trees in the scene ?
3 : The overall scene seems lost nowhere and I think that’s the thing you wanted to share with the picture. But the scene seems lost at close range too. Apart the architectural elements, house and pool, there is nothing that comes out the camera border.
For example, the only shadow we’re seeing is the house itself. So it makes me feel she’s alone in landscape, with absolutely nothing around. And that can’t be true, even if it’s a few little plants or else.
Same thing for the background, we can directly see the edge of the 3D model and it’s increase the feeling by creating a void between the model and the landscape background.

Hope it can help !

Keep up the great work ! :slight_smile:


That’s incredible. The foreground detail is mesmerising. I think my only crit would be that the pool seems like a pond. Perhaps the colour could be a little more blue to make it more inviting. It looks like stagnant water at the moment. It really is A1 though!

Agreed, mesmerizing. But, consider (?): it’s an overcast day somewhere, probably not in the Mediterranean. The water, in its relation to the sky, has a certain “edge” that suggests (to me) an implied message about placing a highly geometric, possibly uninhabited human structure in a rather barren landscape. That’s not rich, fertile soil, for instance… Fine work, however we choose to interpret it.

It is definitely way better than my own first attempt at exterior architecture visualization. It looks great, but it definitely looks like it is in the middle of nowhere. I think there should be at least one more recognizable building in the background.

Maybe a little bit clouds in the sky will make it even greater.
Excellent job!

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!