exterior renders

hey there…

rendering an exterior scene these days…this image was used as a starting point

created the nature around it and changed the time of the day… wanted to achieve a look of a dusk time…

rendered with blender internal…

look really nice !,

especially the second one

Very well done!
Nature around is impressive too, it helps the whole scene.
It’s BI unfortunately, always missing the real volume of the building. (casted shadow tent to look lighter than heavy shader surfaces. (No GI)

Very good!
I agree the light on the house is a bit flat but that can be faked in BI too. just keep the shadows deeper and don’t rely just on AO and sun lamp, just an extra point lamp can give more depth or definition. The glass is rather good but could use a bit more transparency and the texture on the house is too repetitive. The Cg tree on the left is too close and distracts from the better part of the landscaping.
But overall I like very much the colors and light of the overall scene!
Did I understand this right, the first white image is not yours, just a reference image that inspired you? (so I don’t start commenting on it too :slight_smile: )

Thanks amigoface1975 … the first image is not a render. That’s the image I used for reference :slight_smile:

thanks michalis … i really wanted to use cycles but i realized that i cant render hair with cycles so i had to get back to BI

thanks Onav… really appreciate… i wanted to add more tranparency to glass and show some lights but i started getting some wierd noise inside the rooms so i decided to keep the inside area dark… i’ll post an update soon with interior lights as well…

Great job! the nature in the background looks great, but the up close leaves and grass really lets it down. I would take a image of a leaf and map it to UV on the leaves, and if the tree is made with sapling, the UV’s should be automatic. Also the grass that is close to the camera I think should be instanced like this or this, because then it makes it look more real. DerekG has a great tutorial on how to do that here.
Only suggestions, great job!

Well… you must mean the first image is not your own rendering, as it sure is a render:slight_smile: mentioned it because your last post made me check it :wink:
Noise with BI… maybe you used area lights, that gives me trouble sometimes, increasing samples might work. Will look for the update!

@oanav haha … thats not a render and absolutely not my work… thats the reason i gave the original image a mention … i used that image as a ref only…

the noise was coz i was using raytrace in the transparency settings… if i use z-transparency then the problem is eliminated… no area lights used …just using sunlight, environment light and AO (as you had guessed)

Haha :slight_smile: that is a render: Yesterday Richard Meier & Partners announced the design of a new Italian residence, Villa Gardone. The home is part of a complex in Gardone Riviera that is to be designed by a number of illustrious architecture firms from Europe and the U.S and completed by 2014. (from archdaily nov 2011).
It’s an obvious render anyway, if you look closely, there are several give aways. I mostly like the cypress shadow on the wrong side. I think they would have made them more photorealistic but they went for the “white Meier” signature look.

Lookin pretty good…other than what everyone else has said I would add that it appears that the building modeling is not complete. The structure and windows on the first floor left of center are missing and the concrete slab is floating. Make sure you correct that, you may already be planning that. Also just guessing but is it a combination of fully modeled 3D trees in the foreground and transparent single plane images in the background or is all of it 3D trees and vegitiation? If they are transparent planes it looks good and I like the atmosphereic effect. Work on the grass and the tree leaf mapping and everything should really shine:)

I’m always happy to see nature scenes in Blender and done with BI (sorry Michalis you know how I am:) )
Happy Blending!

@oanav haha … OMG i didn’t realize that … YES it is a render … the shadow of the cypress tree makes it obvious … thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

@derekG1080 thanks for the remarks … yes i’m correcting the building … there are other areas that need attention as well… the trees are all 3d created in arbaro… i haven’t got enough control over sapling yet… .wanted to push the limits in this project so tried using linked lib trees here … there are 3-4 different trees in the file… i soon realized that i could not spread them properly using particle instancing in this case so i copied them manually… my pc couldn’t handle more than 102 copies :slight_smile:

will be posting the update soon… thanks for the remark again … really appreciate :slight_smile:

Thats cool about how may faces did you end up with? Also did you use shift+D or alt+D? alt+D would be the way to go for this type of scene, it acts like instancing and keeps the trees linked together by object data for faster renders. What was the problem with using a partice system? To get more control you can go into particle mode and place the particle points where you wish and also comb the particles to grow straight verticle from the ground. I know sometimes if I use a particle system on a hilly terrain the trees come off the ground perpendicular which is not natural. Trees for the most part grow vertically even on slopes. Anyway again great scene and lighting…I look forward to the finished render:)

yaah i was facing the same problem … controlling the tree orientation was taking too much experimentation so i decided to place them manually and ofcourse Alt+D was the way to go… i’m still new to blender so am not aware of the “particle mode”… will b posting the update soon… thanks :slight_smile:

heres an update with the corrections made… changed the front elevation of the structure … added the railing and some lights the interiors to get some more contrast… hope you all like it …


Nice job. If that was my work, though, I think I wouldn’t be happy with two things: 1. The perspective of the building doesn’t seem to match perfectly with its surroundings. (I think the first reference image is a comped render too.) 2. The lighting on the trees seems artificial. The leaves, for example, looks too green to be seen at dusk. I think a little bit of color correction in the compositor will make a lot of difference to achieve a coherent natural lighting. :slight_smile:

Hi, good to see you took it further! First, I dont see what Georg saw, I don’t see the mismatch in perspective (and it’s not a comp?) and the trees color look ok on my screen but that might be monitor issue. I have two other critics though, now you’ve turned the lights on, It looks odd the fact that the interior is textured same way the exterior. White walls would look beter. And I think a bit of the light from inside should reach the pavement in front, even if you have to fake it with a different light. And some kind of furnishing or lamp inside would be nice but not necessary.
Nice work!

hey guys …
tried to incorporate all suggestions in this one … added interior detail … some furniture and changed the lighting as well …