Exterior Scene-first time

Hey everyone, so i´m a newcomer to both this forum and to Blender, i decided to give it a go at using it because i find it interesting and it´s a good hobby. Anyway,i´m here to learn and i know there are many talented people over here.I did this exterior scene following several tutorials and although i kind of like it, the lightning looks weird to me, so i would like everyone to give some feedback on this scene.I would like to know what is wrong or completely wrong :smiley: and how would you fix it so it looks more real. Thanks in advance to everyone.



Your modelling looks good, just need some fine tuning on the textures.

In my opinion the brick texture is too large, they look about 2 foot high and about 5 foot long. Also it looks a bit weird with a couple of brick walls like that, I would expect just the front brick and the rest rendered or the other way around.

I’d add a bit of detail to the front gates as well.

Apart from that it is too clean, you need to add some dirt layers, and maybe even some small normal displacement so the surface isn’t perfectly flat.

Yes, you´re right, over here they use these big panels of stone, but it doesn´t look that good in the render.I will try to change that and give some detail to the gates.Any good tutorial on how to use normal displacement, i found some, but it´s hard to understand for a newbie in this:) Thank you very much for your input Loopy.

nice house and good start for your first blender model ^^
which software did you use before, or is this your first 3d model ever?

it’s looking really cool :wink:

Thanks Blackcat.I tried once with 3dstudio, but it was way too hard, mainly low poly modelling, but i just couldn´t get it to look good, then since this type of thing is in my area i decided to try some houses on 3ds still, but it looked just wrong eheheh, mainly because i couldn´t grasp most of the stuff in that software, way over my head.A friend of mine told me i should check out blender since there were a lot of good tutorials over the web, and i decided to try this house that i calculated for my job, with the client and architect permission of course, since this is just an hobby for me, but it feels so good to see things finished:)