exterior visualisation in blender 2.65


Blender 2.65 V-ray render time 2h + Gimp + photoshop
the tree is alpha map i tried to add real tree but the render time took so long :ba:

original render :

post processing :

download the blend file : http://www.4shared.com/file/hB3kFUC3/exterior_hdr.html?



The last two have way too high contrast and they’re too saturated. The billboard trees/plants should have some more variation and there seems to be some kind of alphamap problem on the bush-like trees on the left of the image. I consider the 2nd image to be the best, the lighting and colorization is better there imo.

Why don’t you use Cycles ?

I suggest you to set the sunlight pointing from uper right to down left.

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thank you for the comment

The look of the building is pretty good, but the longer I look, the more I realise it has a very small living space. The wall texture needs more variety, as does the outside floor. Why can we see through the rightmost windows to the landscape behind? It looks like the garage is way too short, or there is no roof to cast a shadow on the rear wall. I agree with RainerS, the second image is the better because of the lighting and colouration, but obviously the background needs work to make the building sit well.

The alpha trees and plants do not work, the light direction doesn’t match the building, or each other. The trees are also way too big compared to the building. Try using the add sapling addon to make several different trees.

I’d stick with the building, I like it, you just need to work on the background and foreground, and… switch to cycles!

agreed with the comments above, the post processing is a bit too much. a nice detail to add to in photoshop/gimp is to use the burn brush tool at about 10-15% strength around the base of the building where it touches the ground. It will give a sense that the building is properly “sitting” in its site. For your trees textures, if you are using masks to create them, expand your selection with a bit of feather inwards 2-3 px and erase the selection to get rid of the white outline that you have around them.

Although i think that the render engine does make quite a bit of difference, it is possible to turn anything into something much more realisting in photoshop/gimp. However, it only makes sense to do this if there are a few renders. If there are many, then they should definitely come out looking quite good with minimal touching up required.