external motion blur software

(wiensta) #1

Hi, anyone have any suggestions here?? I have “bitty” but it only does a shabby job. There must be some other good free software out there for it. Itd save me so much time setting up damn actions in PS.


(Dittohead) #2


works great for converting video too. just hit video menu and select filters and then the add button.

(NateTG) #3

the only problem with using motion blur software is that you have to render at a high frame rate or the blur is too “steppy,” as the software just overlays the previous 5 frames or so… at least thats my experience.

(wiensta) #4

nate :yea thats the problem.

I tried Virtual dub ages ago, it doesnt have a great motion blur filter. the animation was done in maya which has a good mblur filter but i totally forgot when i rendered to add it.

oh well ill keep looking

(SatoriGFX) #5

Does it have to be free?

FilmFX comes with an “Onion Skinning Wizard”. It is really made for traditional onion skinning but you can load an image sequence and use anywhere between 2 and 9 previous frames for your motion blur effect. FilmFX64 is $99 US. You could also you it’s cheaper sibling WebFX 2000 which is $29.95.

I have also heard that you can use the combine utility from ImageMagick to do motion blur but have never tried it myself.


(wiensta) #6

well, I was actually looking for more of a blur than just faded previous images. This onion skinning can also be done in flash in a similar manner, perhaps ill give it a go to see how it looks.

good idea, thanks.