external motion tracking software.

Hello, all.
I have a question.
Is their a great working external motion tracking software program for free?
Ty, already.

What’s wrong with Blender’s new tracking feature?

Icarus works pretty well. It works in v2.48, but you should be able to save the blend file and reopen it in the newest version.

Steve S

The feature to let blender look for a good focal lenght is pretty bad.
It doesn’t work because i have a nexus S and i can’t find all information about the camera inside my phone.

You don’t necessarily need the data for your camera. What’s important is the ratio between the focal length of the lens and the sensor size. So assume your sensor size is 35mm film. Your camera probably has a fairly wide angle lens, which in the 35mm format would make the lens probably between 28 to 35mm in focal length. Try a few different values in that range and see which looks best.

Steve s