External python scripts

Is there a way to have python scripts exist external to the blend file, the same way textures can? I work on two computers, one in area I can only work in part of the time that has a system that can handle my modeling and texturing, and another system in my cubicle which is so old it can’t even load the blend. I’m trying to find a way to have my python scripts exist so I can edit them without loading the blend file. Is this even possible?

as long as that old system is ‘visible’ (i.e. the disks on that system are shared) you can save a script in the blender text editor to this shared disk (with File->Save As in the text editor menu bar). Now you can edit this script anyway you like and later, when you reopen your .blend, you can select File->ReOpen from the text editor menu bar and the script is then updated with the version on your shared disk.