Externel Data / mysql, etc.

Can python be implemented to get externel data into a .blend? Example… Using the 3D plugin you can make a pretty sweet web-page, but can you make it dynamic by connecting to a mysql database or some other source of data outside the blend file?

Just wondering…


Harkyman is using a MySQL connection within a python script AFAIK


It cant be done through the API but it can be done through python itself.
Check this out for mySQL access:http://dustman.net/andy/python/MySQLdb_obsolete
Also this for other DBs:

Maybe an ounce of explanation here…

Python is a general-purpose scripting language that has literally hundreds of modules, including any sort of database access you could dream of. All of this is in addition to its ability as an embedded product-scripting language, where a product like Blender exposes import-modules that can only be used from within a particular product.

The implementation that “ships with” Blender contains fewer modules than the (by now rather-enormous) full release, but both can be used. The core “engine” is the same.

That was very informative. I was trying to decide whether or not to start learning python but now I know.

My major concern was if all the python modules were useable with blender but you guys answered my questions.

Thanks, I hope to be able to contribute something soon.