Extra dots on faces in Blender 2.8 LTS

I’ve experienced an unusual problem with Blender 2.8 LTS (2.88) . Although it may appear in other situations, it’s easiest to see by subdividing the edges of a cube 4 or more times. As you can see in attached image 1, there are extra dots along two sides of the divided cube. This issue does not appear with less than 4 cuts, but does appear with more than 4. As you rotate the view, so the frontmost face is tilted further, the size of the extra dots decreases as shown in attached image 2. If you tilt it even further, the extra dots disappear. This issue can be seen in all view port views: solid, material preview, view port render, and (with X-ray off) wire frame.

As I believe this may be a bug, I checked the fixes in 2.8 LTS 2.89, but the dot issue was not listed. If this is a bug, where do I report it? I would also like to know if others can reproduce this issue.

This appears to be a clipping issue, where markers which should be obscured by geometry still sort of show through. I’ve noted the same thing myself, usually with large models and long distance views. pretty much harmless, if annoying.