Extra Particles after Particle Death

I’m attempting to use the smoke simulator with cycles, as it was recently integrated into a new build, but I have a problem with the particle systems. I have the particle system all set up so the particles are born on frame 2 and die on frame 7, and all have a lifetime of 10. I’ve loaded this particle system into the flow object of the smoke simulation, and it utilizes it. However, several frames after the particles I’ve added have died, new particles begin to spawn and continue to spawn for the rest of the animation, and I can’t figure out where they’re coming from. There are no other particle systems, and I’ve checked to make sure the birth/lifespan/death settings are set accurately, but there are still a ton of particles randomly popping up.

This of course has a direct effect on the smoke, resulting in a continuous flow of smoke, instead of an initial burst (like the explosion that I’m trying to piece together). So far, the best explanation I’ve come up with is that the developers have spontaneously decided to integrate quantum fluctuations into Blender, but I’m hoping someone here has a better answer.

Maybe your particle system is referencing a previous cache?

Also you can turn on Dissolve for the Domain to make continuous flow decay into nothing.


27_psys_smoke.blend (92.4 KB)

How would I figure it out if it was referencing a previous cache? Would I see it anywhere in the smoke or particle system cache settings?

Thanks for your response!

Well, I messed around with it a bit more to find out that it doesn’t have anything to do with the smoke simulator (which I’d figured was the case, but I had to confirm it). Since I don’t have this problem in 2.69, and the particle systems are going crazy in other ways, too, I’m gonna assume it’s just a (hopefully temporary) bug in the test build…

One way I ‘clear’ my particle cache is to change the particle count. You probably already tried freeing the bake right?

Yes! Changing the particle count worked :smiley: Thanks so much!