Extra Parts

I finished model in edit mode, but when i switched to object mode, a hand just sprouted another hand, there was also a floating edge and there is a point that looks pulled out.
Here’s the hand.
I erased the hand in edit mode, but it stayed the same in object mode.

do you have any mesh modifier enabled that could be duplicating the hand? or maybe some sort of amature? or even an array modifier? post a blender file would be the fastest way to solve this problem. :smiley:

the only modifier i enabled is mirror, i did not put armatures in yet, no array modifier, and how do you post a blender file?

When i am modeling the same thing happens, after i save and load it, the model gets messed up somehow.
Here’s how they are in edit mode:
And here’s how they are in Object mode:

I’m not sure, because I am a noob myself, but try unclicking that “double-sided” button under mesh and see what happens.

If that doesn’t work try “remove doubles”, maybe that will help.

I just found out what was the problem. I went back to edit mode and selected reveal, just wondering what might happen. It showed the extra stuff added. I have no idea why it keeps doing that though.

Okay, I found another problem. When I get rid of the extra stuff, I go back to object mode and it’s still there. Also when i press reveal again, it shows up again.

Oh my gosh, I have been making such a noobish mistake. All this time, when I wanted to get rid of vertices, a pressed the “H” key, even though I did not know what it did. I thought it was a quicker way of elimintating vertices, not knowing it hides the them. Wow, I feel so stupid.