extract from image

Hello and sorry for bothering you with a probably really simple question.

I have a pattern (image) and i want to shape my plane as the image. Is there any easy way to do this like extruding or something? Ive googled like a madman but im not sure what to search for :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is what you want, but Blender has an addon called “Import Image as Plane”
In File -> User Preferences -> Addons, find the one in the Import-Export category “Import-Export : Import Image as Plane” and enable it.

Now in File -> Import you have now the “Import Image as Plane” function, that will allow you to load an image that will automatically create a plane and map the image to it.

Thanks for your reply, but its not what im looking for.


This is a texture on a plane and i want to make the shape of the plane like the dark parts of the texture.

One way to do it is to make alot of curves but im curious to see if there is any other way to do it.

The usual way to do something like that is to use the image as background and then model the coutures on a plane level and then extruding them.

You could trace it auto by using Inkscape, then import svg into blender.

You could try displace modifier. You might want to–I am not sure this is the correct term–normalize the blackness first.

Try here,