Extract holes of the same size


I am practicing Blender, creating a submarine. How to create the holes of same size on the sides.

Thank you.
submarine.blend (1.2 MB)

With simple geometry, you can boolean them and then add the topology after that, to clean the new booleans, or you can use a cube and turn on snapping so it will snap to the object.

For the start the Topology of the submarine is little mess with some mistakes, so try to clean the errors first. You are using two mirror modifiers, and there is lots of useless edges creating an ngons.

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There are also two mirror modifiers??
Maybealso close your holes again and make an inset before the extrude…maybe even make one hole and set it in everyface you want it to have
(did i said that using a smartphone for typeing is driving me nuts)


I thought about Difference. OK, I will redo it and try to fix mistakes.

I mirrored a cube, then wanted by using Boolean Difference make those holes but can figure that out.

You should decide where to discuss which of your problems:
Here: no need to use two mirror modifier; even irrelevant for using boolean…
There (Boolean and Bevel question): Using boolean on weird geometry is properly producing weird geo too (you may even re-read BlenderDocu: Booleans?).

Thank you.