Extracting mesh info from umod files ?

(seval) #1

I have been looking at some quake files recently to study the low poly meshes…these files are in the .md3 format. What I wanted to know…does anyone know how to extract the mesh information from a format known as .umod? I am really not into gaming at all, but I know that it has something to do with “ünreal” worlds. I found a freely available form of the popular anime character “Asuka” that I have heard described as perfect geometry…I wanted to check it out. Also …if anyony knows a good site to find low poly human figures, I would be thankful.

(IngieBee) #2

I have long ago misplaced my tutorial guides 1&2 but one of them had a low poly girl tutorial that was absolutely perfect. I wish I knew if it were #1 because it’s still available at the eshop. Anyone remember or knows?

Otherwise, I don’t know about those file formats, sorry. Good luck, Ingie

(Mobius) #3

Asuka? from Evangelion? my fave char!!!

just FYI you can get a lot of lowpoly modles in forms other than MD3, this format is a Quake specific format for engines built on such tech, If you really want a good lowpoly site go to


welcome to my realm of blender…do you know of others?

(seval) #4

I know of that site…nothing of the games though. If I do find any good low poly meshes out there, I will let everyone know. The reason that I was mainly interested in the Asuka file was that it is supposed to be both low poly and… get this EDGE LOOPED. I wanted to know to what extent. Considering that alot of the files on the web that are edge looped are also pricey…I was curious to see this one.

(dreamsgate) #5

Ingie: it wasn’t in guide #1, I have that one on my shelf. Sorry.