Extreme slow UI on a new 64 bit Linux system

I’ve bought a new laptop (HP Pavilion 17-e050sh with an AMD A4-5000 slow quadcore @1.5GHz and 4GB RAM), installed Kubuntu 13.04 64 bit and put a Blender 2.68 64 bit. Unfortunately Blender UI got extremely slow, practically useless, completely unresponsive. However, rendering times are quite acceptable.

I have a small destktop system (AMD Athlon II X2 270) that is responsive and convenient, and I cannot edit files made with that machine with the laptop at all. But if I render the same file on both systems, the laptop is twice as fast (two more cores) . Note that the Linux is responsive behind the Blender, has enough memory etc.

Does anybody have an idea what’s wrong? I hope that I haven’t run into a huge bottleneck (1 slow core + integrated graphics) that cannot be fixed.

Any ideas appreciated.

Apparently the GPU is an ATI Radeon HD 8330. What do you get with the next command?

lspci | grep -i vga

Have you tried installing the fglrx proprietary drivers (Catalyst)?

Go to app launcher Menu and System > Aditional Drivers, and you see if there appears an optin for the proprietary driver to be installed.