EXTREMELY New to 3D Modeling. Unmanned Armored Drone.

I’ve been modeling for a little over a month, and I really enjoy making cool looking Greyscale Mesh objects. I finally decided to try doing a High Poly Model, I wanted some input on this Finished Greyscale Machine I made. Positive and Negative feedback wanted so don’t be afraid to tell me it sucks =)

No Pictorial references used, completely made from imagination.

Please also note I’m very new at this so it’s definitely not going to be the best out there =)

Excellent work for only for a month of learning 3D!

Thank you very much!

Pretty good model. Keep going!

Way better than anything I’ve ever finished. Oh wait, I haven’t finished anything yet. Anyways, great model for only one month and no references.

I agree it’s quite good for such little experience but I’d definitely use references if I were you. It kind of shows you didn’t, no offense intended.

When you’re new to this stuff I think it’s better to have a clear goal. If you don’t use photography reference then at least draw what you’re going to make. Otherwise it tends to get kind of illogical and spread out in all directions. Those random things that don’t make sense will be very visible in the finished result.

After you’ve made a lot of models it’s a lot more likely you’ll be able to make up details from your head that actually make sense. Then you probably don’t need as much references.

I think it’s a good start just don’t be too proud to use references. You’ll learn a lot faster by mimicking great designs and adapting those later to your own designs than starting out with original not so great designs.

Keep up the modelling, looks promising! :slight_smile: