Extrude all but outside?

doest work if I extude with zyx it always like go crazy.

I just want to extrude tons of little objects all at once forward, all sincronized.

any tip or …modifier?

wait…I think I made an error…I had to de select everything…and now I need to select one by one…so terioius,

any way to select all those similar faces all at once?

i see…if I select everything it goes crazy…I have to select one bye one…so I cant use alt control for that.

a way to select 1 by 1 …like an action or macro?

You can select all faces, then inset (press i) with individual faces, and set desired depth.
Also you can use shrink/flatten (alt+s) to do such a transformation of individual faces.

2021-10-21 14-22-43.mkv (4.8 MB)

Select the ring of faces, double tap i to inset individual faces

Alt e and extrude along normal

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