Extrude along normals not working correctly. How can I fix it?

I was following a tutorial that said to duplicate a vertex and make a shape from it, I extruded that shape to get the shape of a chair.

Now to give some thickness to it i have to extrude all the faces along the normals but it doesnt extrude equally on all faces. Meaning some of the extrusions are thick and the others are thin.

I’m attaching the file and the image of the problem


Permission required, it says when open your link. But my guess would be your object scale is uneven. Apply your object scale in object mode. Then try to extrude again. And you could try “solidify” operator, it was created specifically to give thickness.


For the thickness you can use the Solidify-Modifier.

By the way, your Googlelink leads to the login page.

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hey, that was the issue, I’m new to blender so constantly forget to apply transforms :stuck_out_tongue: