Extrude along path nightmare


I am trying to extrude a shape (a very simple circle to start with) along a curve.

I need the object to retain its original size and scale when being duplicated/extruded along the curve and I also need each vertices of a new extrusion to be connected to the previous one so that I get a solid object and not a collection of curves copied along a path.

I can’t get both things to work at the same time.

  1. If use simply the “bevel object” option of the curve I get what I need BUT the replication of the object along the curve appens with a scale factor and does not match the scale of the original object used as a bevel. Can not find how to force the scale to basically stay 1/1 to the original.

  2. Same if I use an array modifier followed by a curve modifier, here I get disconnected shapes and also a scale factor again. If I tick the merge option I get a single discus.

Any tip on how to preserve the scale of the original object when extruding along a path ?

  1. Apply scale (Ctrl+A) of that curve and then sizes match 1/1 if curve points have radius 1. Bevel object doesnt need to apply scale.

Tried this but does not work… Both the “bevel object” and the curve have a scale of 1 in all directions and no rotation.

Share the blend file if you like.

Each point on your curve must have scale of !. You check by selecting each one in turn. Also make sure you have no taper selected.
Ditto on the file upload.

Ok I found the “radius” option for each point on the curve and that worked ! Had no idea a point had a “radius” so misread Juhaw’s first answer. Now fixed.

Thank you JuhaW and DruBan !

One more thing… Moving a single point on the curve up or down creates a rotation effect of the taper object on the other points. Any way to avoid this ? I have attached the .blend


ex.blend (335 KB)

You can set handle type to Automatic, it rounds the shape.