Extrude along Spline


is there some way to extrude a certain spline along another spline?
i’d like to get something like in image B

cheers christian

Set the curve you want as the profile as the bevel object of the curve you want to extrude along
Select the bevel object in the curve properties

hi richard,

thats what i tried but i only get a flat strip instead of the profile shape.

Check orientation and scale of each curve.
Supply your blend file.

i applied rotation, scale and location.
anyway, i attached the file ^^path.blend (388 KB)

The bevel curve is orientated incorrectly. In EDIT mode rotate it 90 degrees around the x axis

ahhhh … many thanks for the help richard :slight_smile:
works perfectly now!

funny thing is that there is an offset between the curve and the generated shape.
is there a way to solve this?
“offset” is set to 0 and if i change it the geometry gets offset in the wrong direction unfortunately (not perpendicular)
i attached the blend file


offset.blend (408 KB)

Hi there, the answer is pretty easy. Select the upper four vertices of this “V” shape. Press Shift-S and set the cursor to selected. Change from Edit to Object mode now press Chrl-Alt-Shift-C press Origin to 3d Cursor. Next Set the the Cursor to Center. Finally snap the selection to cursor. (Shift-S). Your offset should be gone now. :slight_smile: All the other steps should be clear, as Richard posted some good wiki article. Hope that helps. Cheers Markus