Extrude transparent png?

Is it possible to extrude edge of transparent png pic mapped on plane? I have a logo and it would be cool to give it some depth.

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No. You need some real geometry.

For logos you can use something inkscape to convert an image to curves which you can then import into blender and extrude to make it 3 dimensional

Or you could use the curves here in Blender :wink:

As for what you’re asking, it can be done with a displacement modifier, but you’d really have to crank up the subdivision on the plane (either through subdividing the mesh or through a sub surf modifier – or a combination of both) to make the details work. It could also be done in Cycles with true displacement, but that’s an experimental features and still requires the same high poly count to get it to work. Much easier would be to use curves to capture the form of the logo.

Oscar Villar of BlendTuts (who wrote the Learning Blender book) did a tutorial on using curves to do a logo: http://blendtuts.com/tutorials-list/2015/2/15/how-to-create-a-3d-logo. It’s the technique I used recently when I did a “shadow portrait” of Lincoln for a quote image I wanted to do, and most logos are much simpler. If you have an SVG version of the logo already, you could also import that into Blender and then manipulate the curve settings like he does in that tutorial to add depth.

Yea^^ i know that Blender works with svg and own vectors. It can even work with transparent png’s on plane. I thought maybe there is a new feature available now to do this like Videocopilot’s Element on After Effects :slight_smile: That was the matter of my question. A lack of time to make a stack of vector jpg-logo copies …

While you cannot extrude a bitmap picture directly (such as a .PNG file). It is possible to give depth to a surface with any image with a displacement modifier using that image as texture and applied on any object.