Extrude with Key In

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way to extrude a region and “key in” the length you want?

Sure. Type ‘E’ for extrude. If you want to constrain it to an axis, type one of ‘X’, ‘Y’, or ‘Z’. Press ‘N’ for numeric input (or just start typing the numbers). Watch the 3D View menu bar for the results.

Hope this helps.

What about when extruding a region normal to a face? I (sometimes) get a line coming off of the face constraining the direction, but the “n” key doesn’t do anything in this situation.

Yeah, sorry. Blender for some reason doesn’t do that right…

The only way around it is to select the face, press Shift-S --> Cursor to Selection, press period (of the alpha keys) press E to extrude, R to rotate, and rotate it against the normal so that the face lies along one of the axes. Then G and move it, then R to rotate it back again.

Hope this helps.


OK, thanks for the help!