Extruded "Correct Face Attributes" Texture is distorted?


I’m using Blender v2.91.0

I have a simple cube which is textured.

I activate the “Correct Face Attributes” in “Edit Mode”:

When I extrude the faces in “Edit Mode” I get something like this:

Does somebody has a solution for this?


You moved the face perpendicular to its original orientation, so the UVs stayed put. You’re expecting from that setting something that it wasn’t designed for.
Extrusion doesn’t have anything to do with this either, it’s just the move (i.e. the transform itself), as that’s what the “Correct Face Attributes” attempts to correct.

For this kind of stuff you may just set up a crude tri-planar mapping (or in this case, hexa-planar) by using the UV Project modifier like this:

I.e. just six planes set up along the cardinal directions, projecting UVs onto your model. You can put them into their own collection and hide it just so they’re out of view. When you’re done modeling you can just apply the modifier and then in UV editor pack the UVs, maybe stitch some together, etc.

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Wow. Thank you so much!