Extruded House

Hi guys, I wanted to share my latest exterior project. It’s a CG remake of Extruded House designed by MCK Architecture & Interiors. Made in Blender and rendered with samples. Usually at around 1000 samples.
More renders on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qAR9Vn


wooooow thoses are nice plams model, where did you get them ?
the vegetation look really nice.

just one thing to say, you missed some windows frames. The glass is floating on some corners.

good job as always.


Thanks a lot mate! Plants are mostly from Maxtree. And regarding the windows, it was this way in the original design. The intention was most likely to remove the border between the interior and exterior that frames would be perceived as. Also, there are crevices in the concrete for glass sheets so nothing is really floating there.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, Bart! Have a nice one as well!

You’re #featured! :+1:

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Thanks, Bart!

Nice work!!

Small feedback!
Do not forget to how the glass structure is designed. The frame to the glass on the real deal is only hidden because there is a small gap. image

If you do this as well the shadows will look better :slight_smile:

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This is top level imagery, although I don’t find the detail picture of the cabinets and TV very necessary, it seems more about testing the renderer than showing me anything interesting about the house. We are seeing some really fine architectural visualization done with Blender these days, this is up there with it.

Perfect toning and what a sweet spot to live :slight_smile: Unless you dont like bugs :wink:

Wow i had a look at the Architects site, the front of that house is just plain weird together with this design. Though the name makes sense now, literally it does hahaha

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Those are some great renders and what a great place.

I found the little curved grassline towards the swimming pool a bit distracting, and the swimming pool entry seems skewed, but that might some perspective/eye-trickery messing with me. Might also be by design.


edit: looking at the original references from the post above these are indeed by design.

Great vegetation btw, which library did you use?

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@Jernst Thanks man, glad you like it. I am not sure what you mean but aren’t you talking about the gap that’s already there. It might not be so clear because of the resolution but it was similar in the references. Maybe I should have exaggerated it to make it more visible. Here’s a screenshot from EEVEE:

@djwaterman Thank you. Yeah, I just really liked the reflections there and the wood texture itself.

@rombout I think nobody likes bugs so maybe it’s not so perfect :stuck_out_tongue: The design is a bit extraordinary but I guess it’s what’s drawn my attention.

@stefanellis Thank you very much. My friend also pointed that out and maybe I shouldn’t have stuck so much to the plans and make it straight. It’s mostly Maxtree for palms, Megascans for ivy, Graswald and The Grove for trees.

Yes I think you should scale it up so it catches the light ! :slight_smile:

@stefanellis you say the trees are from MaxTree. I bought a pack from them a few years ago in Max format. Is this what you got or did you get the FBX versions? I’m just curious if the FBX versions import well into Blender. They’re $30 or $40 cheaper if I’m remembering correctly.

All the palms are from the 7th collection. I got the fbx version and set up materials for each model using the textures they came with. It’s not that hard considering that upon importing it into Blender, it has all the maps assigned for each material.

Thank you for sharing your nice work! I’m using Corona for render (archviz), but your work make me believe in the ability to use Blender completely (from modeling to rendering) for commercial projects. And this workflow is much more efficiently in time.

I think he means the profile isnt a distinguish as the original. See this screengrab, the top part of of the glass panels seems the be in a dark profile or clamp system