Extruded Polyurethane Foam Material

Hello everybody,

Could anybody provide me with a realistic Extruded Polyurethane Foam material (preferably for Cycles), please? I need to made a model out of it and to make a photo in a simple photostudio. But I’d like to create a render of it, not a real model. The model is similar to the one shown below.


can you show the poly mat with a nice photo
so we see what you want !

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Hi RickyBlender,

Something like this one https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1fEq6JVXXXXbpXXXXq6xXFXXXw/XPS-extruded-polyurethane-foam-board.jpg

your doing a house model
and will render from far away
so no need for high res texture is it ?
for that need only to set some color mostly diffuse

or really need a high res texture for close up shots ?
for that you could take a photo of such material and use it

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No close-ups (I assume) but anyway it should look like real photos were taken with the camera (the material should be somehow distinguishable). Resolution… something standard for smart phones’ cameras (something like 2000 px by 3000 px, I assume).

if you can take some high res photos
it can be use as a texture
but first has to make seemless in Gimp or photoshop

but I doubt if you take far away render you will see any difference at all

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Thank you for explanations, Ricky!

I’m currently playing with Diffuse+SSS (maybe SSS won’t be needed at all) material with Voronoi displacement texture.

show us what you get and then we can help further may be

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may be using some noise bump with some diffuse blueish aqua

but bumps is too strong here

and from far away you would not see it

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always interesting to ear other ideas
your welcome with other ideas and he can pick the one he likes

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You can make such material completely procedural with Principled BSDF.

I’ve used for it Noise textures stacked upon each other for big, medium and small bumps (you can make as many “layers” as you want). I’ve also added some glitter to it which is visible on certain angles - this material has this effect in real life.

I’ve also added a little bit of Subsurface Scattering with color lighter than base color.


You’ve now got several very-good strategies here for creating foam. And seriously, I wouldn’t “over-think it” too much. If the texture has just a little bit of “noisy” bumpiness, and very little if any specular highlights, and is the right color under your lighting conditions, it’s probably going to be perfectly believable … unless you’re making a training video for a plastics extrusion company. :slight_smile:

Be sure to take the time to bevel all of the edges of your model.

Also, one simple trick is to provide the viewer with a nice, juicy close-up shot early on, where you use a “nice, juicy texture” like cgslav’s masterpiece above. Thereafter, you can switch to simpler, faster textures which are of the same color, and the viewer will “see” remembered detail that isn’t actually there.

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Guys, thank you all.

Gslav’s material seems to be very realistic to me (I was thinking for a while that it’s a real photo :thinking:). I’ll check it with my model in the evening and let you know.

One of the best material recreations I’ve ever seen!

I tried to reproduce the nodes set up but get too much dark spots all over

would it be possible to upload the file so we can work with it as shown in the image given

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No problem, here you go: http://bit.ly/cgslav_polyureathane

Remember to apply scale of your object and use Texture Coordinates > Object. Also, I’ve removed HDRI from blend file so keep it in mind.

You can upload your faulty file and I will try my best to help you with any issues.


sorry for a while now got problems on MS internet
it does not like anymore Pastall site and I get file with 0 byte
until MS decide to correct this problem it won’t work!

do you have another site then Pastal ?

there are so many parameters to set I mean easy to miss one little and then won’t give same results
I get ender with a lot of small dark spots all over so not really that nice blue

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Ricky, try using VPN.

I read about it and not certain it is a good idea and they use data’s from your OS
for other purposes so for now prefer not to use this feature.

thanks anyway
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CGSlav, I’ve tried your material but unfortunately my 11 years old desktop renders it too long. I’ll try to render my material I created earlier (basic Diffuse with Voronoi displacement). Currently, it’s something like below.

Anyway, guys, thank you for your efforts and time :wink: I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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