Extruding circle upwards has wrong normals?

Hey guys, so one thing I find very, very frustrating in Blender are the wrong normals when extruding a circle.

So, for example, this is an extruded circle in the Z axis (normals facing inside):

And this is an extruded cube in the Z axis as well, but unlikely the circle, normals are facing outside.

Is anybody else getting this?
It is really frustrating, especially on making complex objects that requires a lot of detail. Making multiple circles, extruding them, and each time going to the Tool Shelf i order to recalculate the normals really consumes a bunch of time and patience.

Have you tried to recalculate the normals?

I reported this as a bug but it’s not a bug apparently. The software can’t figure it out which is inside or not so the normals might be on the wrong side.

Extruding down always points normals outwards, it would seem. But… more to the point:

Ctrl+N is your friend. :slight_smile:

It’s not a bug. To get normals facing out on a majority of apps, one must extrude away from the normal (in this case, down), or just deal with flippin faces when needed.