Extruding faces

Hi guys, i’m working on my first scene in Blender, and i’m trying to model a sort of a cartoonish lama. But there’s something on which i stuck repeatedly and i haven’t found an answer :

as you can guess from the image i’m trying to extrude a leg…but everytime i extrude a bit, Blender exits from the command and i’ve to recall the extrude command again. Seems time consuming and a bit frustrating. Is there a way to remain in the same command until i finish and then exit it ? this seems to be a common behaviour to all commands, and probably a default one…


I’m not entirely sure what you mean…do you mean you are extruding, and then moving a bit and clicking (thus finalizing the extrude)? Then you want to edit the extrude command some more? Sadly, once an command is done, that’s that. 2.5 is going to change that a bit, but for now, if you want to edit how far you moved it, you can use the move tool. To simulate how the extrude moves be default, change the Transform orientation to “Normals”.

in edit mode, you can simply select the face you want to extrude, then CTRL + LeftMouseButton in the viewport (preferably an ortho view for better handling)

Thanks for your replies guys.

I’ll be more clear : i call the Extrude command, extrude the face and then the extrude command remains active giving me the possibility to re-extrude without calling the command again. When i’m done, i’ll close the command.:yes:

Don’t quite understand your problem. You select a face of face(s), press extrude (or e for hotkey) and move your mouse (no clicking involved yet) to determine how far out you want that one extrusion. Then you click to finalize it.

I think,I understand the problem.
When you press the E-key (a dialog floating window appears,make your selection by left clicking on your choice of extrusion,once you have made your choice,Blender immediately enters extrusion mode.)
Now the mouse commands become as follow,
move the mouse for location of the extrusion,
press the left mouse button to finalized the extrusion,
press the right mouse button to cancel extrusion mode.

P.S. Blender Shortcut-if you hold down the ctrl-key,and left click anywhere in 3d space you will also extrude.You can keep extruding by clicking the left mouse button to make new extrusion,when you are done let go of the ctrl-key.
It’s like having an extrude toggle button,this speeds up modeling workflow.

I hope,I was able to help,

Thanks nevbms, thanks a lot for your answer. I’m progressing on this thing, but i think i’ve just to make the habit, since i come from the Cinema4D workflow, where the command remains alive, even after you’ve extruded. But i’m making the way trough the various shortcuts as ALT + SPACE to change the axis orientation quickly, and also trough the manipulators.

Cheers :slight_smile: