Extruding gives weird shadows on mesh

I’m trying to make feet. When I extrude a vertix in my model, there’s a weird shadow created (I made an screenshot vvv)

I only have a mirror and a subdivision modifier

Could someone help me? Thanks

Try recalculating your normals

I tried but it didnt work

Hmmm maybe try to send the blend. Maybe I can find a fix from my side

Do you have multiple vertices in the same spot?
Also does it still look like that when you form a face rather than having a standalone vertex?

3d model1.blend (2.5 MB)

This is my first time exporting, so if it doesn’t work please let me know and I’ll try it again. And don’t mind the mess, this is my first real project…

Odd I can’t find the problem area, maybe try a Merge By Distance, you can get that by just searching with F3

tried it and it kinda works if I put it higher than 0,35 m. But it also kind of messes up the topology… I do have when I try to make a face immediately, it doesn’t get those weird shadows. I think I might need to do that instead of extruding…

Seems an shading issue with subdivision surfaces and extruded edges. If you change the order of mirror and subdivision modifier its gone.

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it works! Thank you so much

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