Extruding normals is getting a non uniform result

Hi forum.

I’ve came across a weird situation where I’m trying to extrude an particular chosen part of the mesh on 2 object. Blender is behaving peculiar regarding this technique extruding using the extrude faces along normals. Here is the example:

I’d really appreciate if someone could shed some information, thanks heaps.

Check the ‘Offset Even’ in extrude, otherwise you are bound to get distortion. Yopu might find it useful to use inset instead and hold down CTRL so you are moving the faces in/out. I found that geve me a more acceptable result than using extrude on normal with offset even.
Blender file: inset test.blend (1.8 MB)

Thank you for your reply and file. Although it did seem to work, it’s not 100% accurate and doesn’t extrude as I needed it. Every other object, Cube, sphere, cylinder, doesn’t have a problem, only when I try to extrude modified mesh.

That’s because your faces are at an angle, so the normal will therefore reflect that. on cubes / cylinders, it works because the normal is ‘flat’ in respect of an axis.