Eye designs

Of the two eye meshes I’ve created, which one do you prefer? Also, what advice you give on how to improve the designs?


it will look a lot better if you take the vertices from the eyehole and extrude them in. I think that the one on the right looks better. also, try making them a little bigger and maybe use the subsurf modifier.

“Extrude them in?” I’m not sure what you mean by that.

Ok, so as you can see in the pic I posted, I drew a circle around some vertices. select those and extrude them along the Z axis. I drew lines showing where the Y and X axises are, so you should be able to figure out what I mean by the Z axis. ; ) also, don’t forget to use a subsurf on the mesh. It will make it look a lot better.


Okay, here’s what I’ve got so far:


they eye area looks flat, you need more details and creases… don’t just add edge loops… know why you added it and how it’s gonna add to the details…

i advice you to keep creating faces as you’ll learn more as you keep doing it…

also, why are you extruding the eye hole out and not in?

I thought extruding it outwards was what you meant for me to do, I’ve reversed it now. Also, what do you recommend I do with the corners of the eye? That’s what’s been bugging me the most.


Corners of the eye?

Yeah, I’m not sure what adjustments I should make. What’s you’re take on them?


Here take a lot at this tutorial, it helped me a lot with modeling eyes. Should help you

they don’t really look that bad, man. If I were you, I would make the eyes less squinty, if you know what I mean. also, you should post a pic of the whol head, so we can see how the eyes look in comparison. Did you follow a tut to make this?:confused:

Dudebot13, thanks for the tutorial.

Davidaw, the ‘squintyness’ of the eyes is due to the eyelids actually. As I’ve been working on this project for over a year now, I’ve probably used several tutorials.

This is probably the main one that I used: http://www.arildwiro.com/


Hmmmmm, I would definitely sudvide the nose, and make it more rounded, also, the head isn’t tall enough go look in a mirror, your eyes are in the middle of the head. I will post more tomorrow, but my dad is telling me to go to bed!! : (

um i would say look at you eye draw an eye on paper and look at how it folds back into the head to hold the eye ball it is 0% sharp its all smooth hehe and soft.

If it helps, here’s an orthographic view of the head which I based off a photo refrence, so the head is actually taller then it looked in the previous picture.


Whoa, that looks a lot nicer!