Eye out of track


This time I have trubble with eye and eyelid. Why. I use Shift S Snap On tool and parent bone to eye, eyelid and body.

I try to use Alt R and Alt G Alt R.

I need your help

Thank you


Humbleman2.blend (624 KB)

You need to do alt G and alt R in Pose mode (sorry, I wrote “Edit” before), with all bones selected, and then place your eyeball where you want it in object mode. Once you do this, it works the way I think you want it to.

Pose Mode and all bones selected look interested.

So far, when I use Alt G or Alt R eyelids jumping all over the place.

Thank you very much

you have key frames set for all the bones
so if you press Alt G and Alt R - it will only work for that frame (and it will jump back when you move frames)

you will need to clear all the keyframes from the IPO and start again

just make sure that all the bones pivot around the centre point and that the centre of the eyeball and eyelids are at that pivot point
otherwise when you rotate the bones - they eyelid will go through the eyeball

Good news.

I try to start from frame 1 and disconect with Alt R . Dont work for me, so I delated every key between frames 2 - 78.

Anyhow, I will practice more Pivoting, pose mode with all bone selected.

Thank you for helping