Eye tutorial

This is the first tutorial of the head in blender, sorry for my english, I hope you like it!:smiley:

Thank you Cesar! This is a perfect tutorial for this kind of project. The results don’t lie. I look forward to your next one!

A very interesting video channel! Many thanks Cesar89

A little lengthy, but Blender Cookie is a good tutorial maker:

Well the Blendercookie one is made with blender render and the one posted here is made with Cycles :wink:

Hey Cesar, thanks for the tutorial its really really good and worked brilliantly for me but I noticed when I render the eyeball I get shapes all over it like in the image I have uploaded on the link.

Any Ideas why this would happen?

Thanks Jim

delete the duplicate

thank you very much i need this tutorial in my tutorials folder
but for the textures what licence they are above?