Hey I’m sculpting a head and its time for the eyballs but how do I link them so that whenever I do something with one… the other one on the oppisite side of the axis copies.

Generally you don’t want them to be exactly the same direction but slightly offset (e.g. they should be slightly cross eyed if looking at something close)

You could have just an array modifier to make the second eve from the first.

I prefer a tracking method, where there is an empty object (or a cube etc) in front of the eyes which they automatically follow. Select the eye, then the target object, hit CTRL-T and choose “old track”. You may have to rotate the eye in edit mode to align it, or use "Anim Settings panel to specify X,Y, Z. There is also an “add constraint” panel with similar tracking, but for this one you only select the eye and type in the name of the target object in the OB: field which shows.

Another approach is to have a floating object which when rotated, the eyes also rotate. Again under “add constraint” use “copy rotation” and type in the name of the target in the OB: field.

Be sure to parent the eyes to the head so they move with it.

thank you for the help