(Goofster) #1

made this uhmmmmm…thingy.

it’s inspired by a program on the Discovery channel about new forms of propulsion. the idea is that a laserbeam is fired from the ground, it splits up on the tip of this…thingy… and the air under the rim becomes so hot that it explodes, forcing the …thingy… to go up.


btw, I notice that everybody’s ignoring me, so if your reading this: I’ve got your family in a dark cave in Afghanistan, now REPLY DAMNIT! :smiley:

(paradox) #2

nice shading. That thing is pretty interesting does the thing you modeled it on work or is it theory.


(theeth) #3

nice GI

The modelling is very smooth too.


(Goofster) #4

thanks, glad you like it.

yeah, that strange thingy actually works. they got it up to 10 metres or something, but the laser isnt powerfull enough to make it go any higher. I think i heard something about using as much energy as 100 households in a few seconds or something :smiley:

they’re building a more powerfull laser at the moment, with that one they can propell this baby into space, and launch small sattelites (!)

also very interesting is that before launching it, they make the thing spin very rapidly to make it seam very smooth. so actually its very similar to a childs toy (we call it a tol).


(Zion3D) #5

Damn people, don’t you watch Discovery Channel?

This was first shown on Discovery Channel like over a year ago, and has been on it for every 2 months or so.

Great model by the way, it really looks like the one in the documentary :smiley:

(pofo) #6

Now we’ll have to make satellites that won’t break if you spin them around really fast :slight_smile:

Uhm… can you tell my brother I’ll borrow his guitar while he’s in Afghanistan?

:slight_smile: pofo