this critter EyeStab, needs to play an action on its scorpion tail similar to the “eyeball” in the scene triggered by a vision cone, and I need it to play this action, frames 0-30 on “tail”

It’s set to always right now fro de-bugging, help?


EyeStab.blend (479 KB)

If you could further explain what you are having trouble with, that would help a lot.

Playing the action, I am not sure if it’s the mesh or armature or what, I know the empty is what actually moves, but I did not want to run the armature in the game engine just the animation…

In the past I have never used animation keys and armatures to animate, I used translations and pieces of people, so I could make 10,000 people out of a couple hundred sets of arms, torsos, heads etc. but I am making enemies now… and I want to use keys+ armature actions from the timeline, not ragdoll or running armatures, as they use to much cpu.

I have an animation on the armature using an empty moving to move an IK chain, how do I play the animation rather then run the armature in the bge?

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Right, sorry for the slow reply.

As far as I know(I’m pretty new to armatures) The IK constraint does nothing in the game engine.

I am sure that there are others n the forum that could answer your question. I however, am not one of them.

Good luck

here is a man that is skeletal, in the game engine, with IK, what I need is different, I need the action I have keyed to play, not run the armature like the Man,

feel free to dissect/ ask me about it, If you can’t solve my problem, maybe I can at least help you solve future problems :slight_smile:


RigaMandit.blend (626 KB)