Eyelid seperates from eyeball when model leans back

This video can explain everything, sorry it isn’t the best video, really need help with this though > _ <

Hi and welcome, i think if you weighted the lower eyelid to the head bone it will move upwards with the bending, but of course without having the file it will only be a guess.
You can also try reducing the weights from the top eyelid to head so it closer to lower eyelid.

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the lower eyelid? well I briefly did that but like I guessed, that really has nothing to do with the gap between the upper eyelid and the eyeball.

Perhaps the gap you thought I was referring too involved the lower eyelid, but it is actually the gap between the upper eyelid and the eyeball that I’m trying to fix.

I need something to be applied to the bottom of the eyelid when the character leans back to bring the bottom of the eyelid closer to the eye.

“why not just use the bone to make a shape key for blinking then remove the bone after transfering it weight to the head”

this ended up working for me!

I made a shape key with the uppereyebrow bone (Highhigheyebrow) using the CAT5 (CATS?) plugin, then I renamed the Vertex Group for Highhigheyebrow to Head2, which applies it to the Head2 Bone, and this works!