Eyes, eyebrows - binding mesh

Hi I want to bind eyebrows root mesh to my eye mesh but bind mesh modifier does a bit of a poor job. Any suggestions?

Which bind mesh modifier are you talking about?

sorry it’s mesh deform that binds the mesh.
doesn’t do a good job. am I doing something wrong?

You can try increasing the precision. Another thing you can try is to separate the eyelashes and add a mesh deform mod and use the same mesh for deformation. However if you are trying to animate the eyelashes probably mesh deform is not the way to go, but it all depends on what you are trying to do really. There could be many other solutions to what you are trying to achieve, probably it is a good idea to show some screenshots.

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I think you are just supposed to use the Surface Deform instead of Mesh Deformer .

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thanks. it worked.