F/A-18 - not a very special idea.

Yes, I know that my idea about this final project wasn’t anything specific, but at least it is challenging enough for me. Getting started took me few days :o but this is how far I got:
This isn’t very detailed yet… and here you can see the other wing which is VERY undetailed.

And please remember to tell me whenever something has gone wrong cause this info is way too valuable for me. I’ll update this once the wings are finished.

Which could take a loooooooong time. :smiley:

Did you try to attach it here on forum or link it? Links tend not to work with new users, due to spam policy.

Witty avatar by the way. :smiley:

Bu copying the image address I get “http://file:///D:/Aimo/Kuvat/Screenit/finproj1.jpg”.

Looks like you tried linking to a hard drive. It should work if you use BlenderArtists attachment feature.

Kokeilehan upata se kuva ihan internetin puolelle. Käytä vaikka http://imageshack.us

I figure that means upload it to Imageshack… unfortunately the new anti-spam system prevents new users linking to other sites, so this won’t work.

Gah, I completely forgot about that. So does he need a special permission from a moderator or is there some sort of a post limit? :confused:

Once you reach a certain number of posts, posting links is enabled. I’m not sure how many, as It’s never affected me. But until it’s reached all images have to be uploaded via the BlenderArtists attachment system. Attaching of .blend files to posts was enabled also to solve that problem, as previously the only way to do that was to upload to an external host.

thanks for everyone - kiitos teille jokaiselle - (see? this is what you get when ur a newbie =D) for your support and help. new pictures will be coming as son as possible :slight_smile:

I hope you’re using references or blueprints(or better yet both), they make things easier. :wink: There are a couple of sites I can suggest: http://www.the-blueprints.com/ and http://www.suurland.com/

And for those pesky little details you quite can’t make out in the blueprints there’s always Google Image search(it’s worthy to check out some aviation sites as well). :yes:

Good rule of thumb when doing anything from real world is to use reference images. :smiley: Something I forget way too often and end up with a model that’s quite not right.

yes, of course, i was lucky to find the planes reference images from boeings site. but there are some parts that can’t be seen in the images like air intakes etc. so i don’t know are they correct. if i posted that one image you could see how retarded the bottom of the plane actually looks like =D