F.E.A.R: The Last Recon

This is my first ever blender 3D film.
3 months of work.
Not the best but it sure does have some taste to it :smiley:

Well the sound track was great. The story is week. The special effects were well done. However, I am tiring of this kind of look you see these days. At first OK. But, then everybody figures it out, a copy of after effects or whatever. IMHO it gets real old. Especially in place of a good story, which this completely lacks. Try doing something original.

The actor in the middle throws it off. This was supposed to be CG and I am ready for that then I see a poorly lit actor in the middle. Takes away from the theme.

But as far as overall quality of the effects, as I said. Very well done. Whatever program you used.

The next level to reach to in my opinion is actually come up with a good story first and don’t just do effects because they are the flavor of the day. The effects should help tell a story. Not be an end all to the story.

But of course all of this crit aside, as a first Blender (almost all Blender) movie, it rocks.

I can’t see a lot, it’s waaaaaay too dark!

From the few things I do see: nice! Wish you had a calibrated monitor :wink:

By the way. I am not sure if people really appreciate what it takes to get a project like this done at all.

I am extremely critical of stylized films that to me seem as if they have little originality. I do feel if my opinion has some merrit and is hard won from years of screenwriting many stories and directing just a very few (3) films.

This is a very well done work that should at least garner some comments, views and at least some more feedback.

And radiant, if you are going to post here, what does my opinion matter in the grand scheme of things? It is just one voice. Come forth and shed some light on your views and reasons for what you did and why.

It is too much work to just post it and walk away without some interaction from your audience. Which is what this forum is about - good and bad.

You have shown at the very least that you have a bit of experience under your belt and that you have quite a bit of talent. Love to see more of your work as well. There is a lot of promise here I think.


Your opening text is unreadable. Make it bigger. I’m sitting here for 2 minutes and you still have not shown me anything. Cut to the chase. Your opening credits need to be really, really good to take up that much of the time.

So after 2 minutes of waiting, I just turned it off, there was nothing to see.


Well at least that’s something.

Harsh world eh, Radiant?

3 Months of work and now this. Well that’s nothing. Try working for three years on a feature only for it to turn out like ****!’

Feedback is essential. Hope you’re getting something out of this where ever you are.

shiz sorry, nah m8 thank you so much for the feed back. I haven’t been on here for a while school started.

And i am caught up with other 3D projects.

Thank you for your detailed opinion.[richard]

And for atom, thanks for actually watching the video and using your quota for a noob like me XD.

Long version:

Yes Richard my visual effect skills and editing skill kind of saved this project. I just though to my self while playing FEAR. Hmm this looks good i think i might model this. And once i finished modeling it, i thought to my self hey why not make a movie, BUT i didn’t know how to make my own character. so i thought i would do it in FPS style.

And the story alone was made on the top of my head. The script was done pro.
I did a draft and it went though 3 passes [grammer,plot holes, connection]

The bit with me in it [Yeah me XD]. That was something that was planned. And i allot of effort was put in it. [dailoge, doing a live record out side to match the movement and key framing]. But it does kind of make you think hey whats going on lol.

the programs i used was

Sony vegas

and other programs for sound and picture.
For my future project.

i already have one in the works, i have made a script and im now waiting to do the scene layout
[no textures,solid objects] just to get a point of view of what im doing.

it will be about clocks :wink:

And there is many stuff that i have learned from the release of FEAR TLR

i have learned

~bump,spec and col texturing
~external rendering
And here is some small stuff that i have made with blender

just some intros

Cool man. Thanks for the breakdown. Look forward to whatever you do. I’m sure it’ll be quality work.

(I also use Vegas)

As a noob, who has yet to even fathom his first animation, I completely applaud your efforts. I am a gamer and enjoy playing FEAR. I feel that constructive criticism does help your work progress alot further than a pat on the back and a thumbs up.

No offense to the other guys, but I think that you also need a bit of encouragment. Like Richard said, for your first time it’s great. I hope my first animation carries half the story and modelling depth yours did. Just replying to let you know that the noob community has still got your back. Everyone’s gotta start animating somewhere.

(and if anyone’s got ideas where I could start animation tutorials, that would be great…)

well you mixed good things with awful things on your film. I watched it in full only because I was in the position to submit my crit…however I bet regular audience looking for entertainment will shut it down in the first 2 minutes.

Black screens popping up for short periods of time are a good technique to let the audience imagine what is happening or what will happen next in sync with the audio track…for example I put a knife on someones’ neck and then…puff black screen for a few seconds…it help to raise the suspense and drama. Everyone imagine what their subconscious wants. But yours, there is nothing to imagine since nothing has happened yet…it takes tooooo long turning the audience down. Then some splash of blood…and then puff !more black screen sessions.

The effects…well. they were okay did not impressed me since were to repetitive…light goes off and on…uhmm… The sequence and ideas were not bad at all, you were trying to create excitement in the audience but I must confess that the whole emotion comes from the audio track and a good set of speakers…otherwise no much.