F1 Challenge - Mahoney's WIP

Here we go! I’m about to present you (ready or not) my F1 car. I’m on my early stage of creating textures. Please critique :).

I don’t know why the quality of these images is lower than it should be (sorry).


looks nice, do you have AO set on the second pic?

I agree, the rendered image could use some sprucing up.

Uh, well… the truth is that I’ve created fake GI at the above scene (It’s far away from the final result I expect ;))

I will improve it for you guys xD

Cool design, real authentic / antique kind of look to it with a modern twist.
Are you finished the modelling of the car? or are you still tweaking?

I think it is the moment to finish tha model. But if you know what to change or add, please tell me :slight_smile:

Love the overall design. 2 things I’d change 2 things considering it must be a F1. F1 rules don’t allow covered wheels. So I’d remove the mudguard over the front wheels and I’d make the rear wheel outside the body, to make a wider balance.

That’s all, Love the body and subtle wings!

Thats not the same rules for this F1 challenge… the only rule is open cockpit… anything else is allowed…

onto the wip…
i like the styline… kinda reminds me of classic F1 a bit… decades ago… keep going… i want to see more…