F1 in the making

i was originally thinking of entering this into the F! but then scraped it and decided to finish it now… 2 months later lol

all comments welcome


hey man,
that’s an awesome model.
Maybe i a bit more scattered pieces.
But nevertheless. 5 stars.

Meh… array modifier is a good friend :wink:
Nice work, I also like the lighting.
Is it yafray? It seems so.

nope not yafray, its actually indigo… a bit messed up to as i used an exporter/renderer mismatch just to see what would happen…

i really don’t like the 0.8 as it looks to dam cartoony… so i decided to use the 0.6 renderer

if any 1 is interested ill post the 0.8 render

Woah! Indigo without any noise?! Can this be true?!

Nice work, and yeah, I would like to see .8 render, just for comparison.

yea lol… it only took like 6 hours on 4 cores to

oh yea btw.
I’d love to see a render assembled…if it’s not too much to ask for.

yea that would actually be a problem, as it would require me to make a whole different work… this originally was meant to be a full car, but i desided to add a little more complexity and put it into an unfinished state…

Great bit of modelling, however it was rendered, it looks great.

i thought id post the new renderer look… this is rendered with indigo 0.8 on 2 cores over exactly 2 hours…

doesn’t look to bad but it doesn’t have the same style as the 0.6 release… the render time was drastically improved


To be honest, the 0.8 indigo render could have been achieved with the internal renderer. If you havent changed anything like materials or lighting from 0.6 to 0.8 i can only say you need to learn what materials and lighting look like in indigo 0.8.

Sorry if i sound harsh.

Shiny…Just so shiny…I uhh, gata go play with my legos.Five Stars :slight_smile:

congrats on the 5 star rating.

the difference in lighting and tonemapping could probably account for the 'cartoon’y look. the materials arent the same at all either. what exporter did you use for 0.8?

ok this is what happened

i exported to 0.6 and rendered with 0.6 stable… (the first image)

then stumbled upon 0.8 and the official exporter on their wiki… 0.8 stable release exporter

EXACTLY the same setup just a different export to 0.8… produced such different results…

The first one looks great :slight_smile:

What exporter did you use for the 0.8 render…? There are a couple of exporters, and I think they have different ways to declare the indigo materials inside blender… But I haven’t used indigo for a while so I could be wrong…

i used the only one that i could find

its simply called, indigo exporter for 0.8 stable…

Was it this one…? http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderToIndigo

To assign different materials with that one you have to name them phong, spec and so on… But it all stands in the wiki…

Pretty cool who didn’t start out modeling with legos

Nice model, the first render looks better :yes:.
The car tires look too shiny for lego tires though imo.
Good job :)!.