F1 inspired vehicle

Recently I got the great opportunity to have a week’s work experience at the Renault F1 wind tunnel area, after a great week of working with people in creating parts to test on a 50% model, and also helping with the upgrade to the 60% model base. I have decided to try and create a futuristic Renault vehicle and then set it in a futuristic mountain range track on a far off planet.

Here’s the concept I made for the vehicle:

I’ve started modelling the vehicle just getting the basic body shapes and panels kind of correct, though it doesn’t need to be completely the same as the concept drawing. What do you guys think of the design (note there is a lot of finer small details which I will be adding later) and the overall modelling?

Heres the wires for the model:


I would say it is a plane!

nah wings are too short, but im guessing it would kinda fly a foot or so off the ground. anyway i like the shape.

:slight_smile: I should of explained, the vehicle will hover just above the ground (the hover position is located in the holes in the wings)

oh like an ekranoplan but for roads :D, is it going to jet powered??

Interesting design, don’t like the back end though it looks too blocky.

I agree with you there, I’ll have a look at it tommorow and see if there’s any improvements I could make.

I’ve got a side render of the model, and would be interested in hearing peoples thoughts on improving the rear section. (a paintover would be really helpful).


After doing lots of testing and sketches I’ve decided to move away from a completely “aerodynamic” Formula 1 look. The general design like “dragon stated” will be of a low flying kind of jet/hover vehicle which I envision will have a glossy and stylish finish. The holes in the wings will be used to hold the hover mehcanism, which with the wing shape will give the ship a small amount of uplift. I wasn’t sure whether to make this area a futuristic “glowy” hovering system, or to make it a simple fan system, and would be interested to hear your thouughts on this.

In the pictures you can see below, I’ve removed the rear cockpit area, beacause I wanted to make the cockpit area open (in acordance to current F1 styled vehicles) very similar to the old F1 cars: http://www.seriouswheels.com/pics-1960-1969/1962-Porsche-Type-804-Formula-1-car-1024x768.jpg

Here’s a sketch over to show an idea of modelling to come (note this was done by mouse, I’ll do a better tablet drawing over my next model stage)

I’ve started the front open engine areas as you can see, I’m at a stage where I can change a lot of features, so want to know if you think the new sections works well also if you think I should add any more detail for example down the front side area (maybe lights or something):

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With all due respect, I was kind of confused as in fact most comments before yours were very small.

But I will take your advice and improve upon my commenting.

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Where is the cockpit?? Anyway, You might want to think of a way to land the thing (foot pads?) Because You wouldn’t want the engine running constantly.

I’m going to start do modelling in the holes in the wings, I want to keep the detail similar to the front nose, and not too complicated to detract from the smoothness of the wing.

Here a quick mock drawing of the wing detail I’ll add:

So far, it looks great, and I must say I’m quite jealous of the work experience :stuck_out_tongue:

I just have a few ideas really, feel free to ignore them.

The Back End (Cockpit Area). It just looks too blocky - as if it was an oversight, or late addition to the design. Why not have the floor of the cockpit be the same level as the base of the Main body? Much like a F1 car, the driver (or in this case, pilot) sits inches off the floor. With your model, it seems like they a good base to sit on - wasted material = heavy craft = slower times round the track :wink:

The middle-back of the main body seems a bit bare, I had a play about in paint (with my laughable skills hehe) and think that Vents looked good just infront of the cockpit, showing that the Engine is a bit of a monster, and goes all the way back (much like a Harrier Fighter Jet…Engine goes all the way back with basically a pilot strapped on for lols), but also had a bit of thought - Where do the exhaust gases go? They could be directed to teh Wings (again, much like a harrier) to help it move about…not sure how that would look though…

With the wings, I like the idea of seeing the equipment in the space, although in mind, I would have more vents in the front (like sidepods?), as if the engine is getting cooled via the cold air from these - meaning that you could have pipes and such exposed running from the wings into the main body…

I hope this thread isn’t dead :slight_smile: I had another look at it earlier, and had another go in Paint incase what I said didn’t make sense…hopefully these pictures will make a clearer picture than what I said :

Notice the extended wings into the cockpit, new Vents, the New Ram ontop ofthe Engine, infront of the cockpit, and the base of the cockpit removed to make it slightly more streamlined. Again, feel free to ignore me, I might have to start a similar project for myself I’ve got so many ideas lol

Actually the reason they are so low is to so the car has a lower centre of balance. Since this is a hover car i’m not sure if the same principles apply

Good work so far. I agree with Pheonix’s idea of adding more vents since these vehicles don’t actually have fans for cooling the engine. Also where are the positions/intend positions of the engine that keep it afloat and provide forward momentum.

[email protected] Your criticism was absolutely brilliant, I thank you greatly for it. I’ve made the changes to the rear cockpit area (thugh I still maybe need a bit more detail there) and tried all of your ideas (though repositioned a few of them)

heres a kind of update:

Glad I could be of help. It looks fantastic so far, can’t wait to see the finished product!

Just wondering is this going to be an aeroplane sized vehicle?