F5 to move header not working?

Hi All,

I am just getting started on what I hope to be a journey to properly learn blender, and I’ve run into a (small) issue: the F5 key doesn’t seem to work for me to move the header. This is 2.75a on Windows. I hover my mouse pointer over a header and press the F5 key as described by books and videos, and nothing happens. Any ideas? I searched for this issue and did not find any mentions of it on the net, at least not in the top results.

Thanks in advance for any help.


It’s working for me. Have you been able to get it working on a previous version?

One thing that you could try is going into your User Preferences menu, then go to the Input tab. From there, you can search for “Header” or “F5” ( switch between name and hotkey using the pulldown next to the search box ).

I don’t know the options very well, but you might try setting that action to a different key.

Edit: nevermind! It was my keyboard. The “F.Lock” was not pressed. Now it works. Thanks Urist for your help!