F6 for the Quick Parameter Window gone in B2.80 resulting much slower workflow

I am still getting used to 2.8
Now, if I add a new object I have to click a small button on the bottom left corner to change the parameters.
Until 2.79 I could also open an window under the mouse cursor by pressing F6 and change the parameters very quickly. It seems the F6 shortcut is gone - wondering if there is alternative shortcut as I can’t believe the slow mouse click method is the norm for the new version! :frowning:
Please help!

You can go to Edit Preferences and go to the Keymap tab and change from Blender to Blender 2.7 and then the F6 will work again. If you want to keep that in the Quick prefs too maybe that would help.

Now it’s called Adjust Last Operation you can find it under Edit menu.
Just assign a shortcut from there and save user preferences

Thanks Craig. I want to migrate to 2.80 - if select old keymap then the other shortcuts that I feel better and improved in 2.8 would also change which I don’t want.
Can’t seem to add that functionality to Quick Pref as I can’t right click on that button.

I thought it’s a commonly used function that deserve a default shortcut!
Why is 2.80 removing useful and frequently used shortcuts without any alternative?! I fail to see how it is making 2.80 better than the previous version - or am I missing the something?

The goal is to free up some space in the keymap. This freed space makes it easier to customize your own set of shortcuts, without worrying about colliding with existing functions.


By that logic all shortcuts should be removed and let the users set custom shortcuts for everything!