F6 not working

Tryed looking for the answer but had no luck.

When i add a mesh and press F6 the boxes appears greyed out and i can’t change anything. Anybody know how to fix this?

Anybody or is my description to vague?

would be helpful posting what blender version you using aswell as your OS.

Windows 7. 2.58 an add on contrib build from graphicall

Is it the same with the official 2.58 version.
64 or 32 bit.
If 64bit have you tried a 32bit version.
Is it 2.58 or the same with earlier versions.
Graphics card?
Are you using the latest graphics drivers
Screenshot ?
Is it just when adding or mesh or for all operations ?

I’m using a 32 bit system so i can’t use the 64 bit version. I tryed it with the official release and the same thing happened. It did happen with earlier versions of blender but i didn’t take much notice of it. I have an integrated graphics card, and i think i am using the latest graphics drive.
It seems to only happen in object mode with grab, scale, rotate, the add option and layer move there may be others as well. With the layer move option i can’t click on a layer but i can use the numbers to select a layer.
Screenshot below