Fabric Engine: full 3d in the web!


Really interesting!

Wow that is really cool :smiley:

this is along the same lines

Amazing the wealth of stuff on the 'net and this breaks the technology.

Also see Mozilla’s Gladius 3D engine for browser

Looks like theres a bunch of stuffs out there that would enable us to to watch 3d on the web browser.
i’d like to get the most suited ones which would enable us to use blender in conjunction with there kinds odf engine so that that it would be most beneficial for us/:stuck_out_tongue:

CopperLicht (Engine, free) and CopperCube(Editor, cheap) anyone? :wink:


looks like arexema has a ton of these cheap stuffs. keep it up with ya;):wink:

v1 is launched

also: wasnt aware that it was GPL! gotta have a closer look once I have a little more time…

This seems like very interesting technology, it doesn’t really have that much to do with Browser-based 3D per se. You still need to install a plugin, so I don’t think it stands out in that regard compared to many other, more mature solutions for that use-case.
What makes it interesting is that it allows to develop in slow, dynamic languages while offloading the computationally expensive stuff to their library. May even be interesting for blender (as they claim python support) but I didn’t see any examples of how that integrates, at first glance. (For now, they’re shopping around their integration with the ever so popular node.js)