Face and mesh not centered, BUG??

i notice, during the developing of my script, that mesh and face aren’t perfectly centered on the grid: they are not located in the axis origin (0,0,0) but even a bit (e10 -7) are out.
but if a set the geometry to origin it’ll set right in the (0,0,0).

It’s a bug??? if i’ts a BUG is a BIG bug i think…

p.s for see this use a plan, found the center coord, and you see that aren’t centered.
use the command bpy.context.object.data.faces.active in the console cause it report a major percision of the read.

it’s not a bug. it’s a problem float numbers have, they are never exact. to make things clearer blender says an object is at (0,0,0) but that is not the exact location.

to get past this use round() on your coords.

i don’t know about this problem, ok thanks for the reply :smiley: