Face and texture on both sides of a plane

Hi guys, I was wondering if it was possible to see both sides of a plane, cause when I go into “texture mode” one is invisible, and also if it was possible to put a texture on both sides, maybe a different texture on the second face, without need to create another plane in the other direction…

thank you very much for answering :smiley:

no, that isnt what im looking for, i’m trying to find a way not to have to duplicate a plane and invert its normal, just because when i animate it the two faces separate one from the other and it’s kinda weird… i’m not looking for a way with nodes :slight_smile: anyone else can help me? thanks :smiley:

Would it do if it was a very thin polyedron instead of a plane? Start from a cube and flatten it?

I’m also highly interested about this. What I try to do is paper folded character. One object should have painted face only on one side.
I have seen a tutorial where someone made two UV maps from single mesh. But sadly this tutorial was incomplete and I didn’t understand how to redo.

yes, you can of course create a cube and flatten it, but then you might have problems with the animation, since the vertices could not be always in the same exactly position, and so you would see a little part of both… it’s just something i always have to face and i’m looking for a solution :slight_smile: hope someone already solved this, thanks :slight_smile:

Using 2.57 the default is to have “double-sided” normals for an object. See “Properties”, Object Data parameters. When you apply a material/texture/UV mapped image it will be rendered for both sides. Not sure if there is an easy way to make the two sides different.

Here is the tutorial about it: http://vimeo.com/11232299