Face invisible in texture mode


I’m very new to Blender (and modelling) so apologies if my terminologies are wrong. I’ve finished creating and UV mapping my first model but when drawn textured it has gaps. The weird thing is when drawn solid there aren’t any gaps.

I’ve obviously done something wrong and would appreciate help on fixing it and/or the reason why it’s like that in the first place.

I’ve attached a screenshot that should help understand the problem.



usually this is becaue the normal are not outside of your mesh

so recalculate all the normal Ctrl-N and check that they are the outside

or the UV mapping will be invisibel!


Thanks for that.

re-calculating all of the normals creates more holes/gaps. Is there a reason for that? I’m guessing I did something wrong whilst modeling.

go into F9 and set Show normals in edit mode

then check to see that all normal are outward
if not then select the the faces that are not and in F9 click on flip normal in the other panel

hope it helps


Thanks Ricky. I understand normals now and after selecting the ones facing inwards I managed to fix it with minimal effort.

Thanks again!

There may be a reason that the normals won’t calculate properly. I would also check for doubles. Ctrl-W + 6 with all verts selected. If you have it cut into sections for mapping purposes forget what I just said.