Face of War (Mr Gas mask)

Alright, I pulled through with my concept for once and made it actually work…Unwrapping this damn thing was hell…probably because I just suck at that

Anyways, I would appreciate it if you would kindly gouge and tear apart my work pointing out flaws ect


Nice work. It looks good. =)

As for crits

-The texutre & material on the bottom part of the mask looks odd. What is the green part supposed to be?

  • It could do with some better lighting. Maybe add a rim light behind the top left portion of the image to make the left eye punch a little more?

  • The bottom piece of the mask is pure black, so it’s blending in with the premultiplied background. You might want to make it a very slight shade of grey.

  • The red areas on the sides of the mask don’t blend welll. I’m not quite sure what they are either.

Thanks. The red parts of the side are its mouth, gums, and teeth. And the texture on the front of the mask is supposed to be something like veins across it, which I agree it does look a bit odd…I think I’ll redo the bump map for it

And on a side note I’ve always had this problem with blender. Whenever I switch to a different render resolution then say from the default to full screen then pick another render resolution again the render comes out all blurry.

here’s another render of the same thing pretty much


With that in mind. I would definitely pick a different angle for the final image. straght on angles can be confusing if you’ve never seen the model in 3d.

I would can the veins on the end of the mask. It would be very difficult to make them look like veins. If you wanted to try though, you might want to fade some of the skin texture into the end piece a little and add some SSS. That would pull more of an organic feeling into the end. Putting veins over a piece of metal probably wont work well.

That is a strange problem with rendering you have. Rendering at higher resolutions does make low-res textures seem a little blurry. Could that be the problem?

All right well just about everything already had SSS, but I’ve made it stronger and tinted it green…Changing the angle does a lot…Im thinking maybe the green veiny texture on the front just needs to be higher res.

And regarding the problem with switching render resolutions it wouldn’t be a problem with my textures since it does this with prodecualer textures too. It render the image in Half the render window then seems to stretch it


only thing i have to say is that the red is way to red, the black is way to black, the lighting is way to dim, definitely needs some rim light, and the specularity is way too high on everything.

I don’t know what rim lights are…don’t see any of those in blender

New lighting textures reworked ect…


Look up, 3 point lighting, the usual choice for a rim light is a hemi light or an spot light. Changing the background from black to another color would also help see more of the model. Pretty good concept so far though!

ah okay, I know what 3 point lighting is. never heard of it being called ring lighting

Alloy007p, Did you find a fix for this stretch issue? I found this post on a google search for “blender stretch render half window”. I was playing with the render output sizes (which I’ve done before but perhaps not this many times in a single session before) and then it renders half and stretches. Unfortunately I saved it before the render so I’m stuck. If I open another project it’s fine but if I open this one I’m like that no matter the changes I make now.

It renders squashed into the bottom half of the window then the CPU continues for a while and then it’s stretched. examining it with a previous image shows that the quality is substantially inferior like this.

Fixed (sorry if this is the wrong category)

There is a button called “Fields” that got checked along the way, probably because it’s next to the xparts and yparts buttons which you have to change as they get reset when you change the size of the render… it’s all making sense now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps some other noob too